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Jewellery care

Take really good care of your jewellery - and you can wear it for many, many years.

Your new piece of jewellery from Svane & Lührs will stay even more beautiful, if you take good care of it. All jewellery is sensitive towards beauty products, so make it a part of your daily beauty routine to out on your jewellery at the end – and also to take it off, when you wash your hands, shower, do sports, clean or sleep. Guard the piece of jewellery in a jewellery box, a jewellery bag or similar, when you do not wear it, so it is not exposed to sun light and do not get marks from lying next to other jewellery. 

All jewellery from Svane & Lührs is made of real materials and is 100 % nickel free. Most of our jewellery are presented in rhodinated, gold plated and oxidized sterling silver and some also in french rose gold plated sterling silver. Our leather bracelets are made of sheep skin and has a magnetic lock of rhodinated, oxidized or gold plated sterling silver. Furthermore we use freshwater pearls and semi precious stones in many of our jewellery.

Variations in surface, colour and other markings in the leather bracelet are evidence of the leather's natural beauty and when you wear it, it will consequently get patina like leather bags or shoes. You can always wipe it off with a special cloth and e.g. care for it with leather balm like for any other real leather product.

Our charms, necklaces, rings and bracelets of sterling silver will naturally become darker over time, but you can maintain them bright and shining for a longer period  of time, if you storage them in an airtight bag and wipe them off after use. It is a good idea to clean your sterling silver jewellery frequently and e.g. polish it up if necessary.

Gold plating and oxidation of sterling silver is a surface covering, which will eventually be worn off over time depending on the use and the storage of the jewellery. Jewellery with this surface covering can be wiped off carefully with a soft cloth if necessary, but please note that the more you clean and wipe it off, the more the surface treatment can be worn off. Additionally we recommend that you follow our general jewellery care guidelines regarding the jewellery storage and use in order to preserve the surface covering in the best possible way.


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