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We guide you through an easy ordering and a secure payment at our online shop. 

At our webshop www.svane-luhrs.com you can find jewellery for both men and women in the following categories: Charms and pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.

Under each product you can find additional information about the quality of the product, colour, size and furthermore you can see the small details of the piece of jewellery. Our jewellery usually are available in more surfaces and colours - and in several lengths and sizes. Therefore you have to choose this, before you add the product to the basket. If you do not know, which size or length to choose, you can take a look in our size guide.

In every product category, the products are located in subcategories. E.g. in charms, we have subcategories as clip-on charmsclassics and drop pendants. All these subcategories are shown as a extract of five products - and if you would like to see all the charms in this subcategory, click VIEW ALL next to the headline of the subcategory. Then all the charms in the subcategory are shown. 

You can also search a certain product in the left side of the online shop. Use the QUICK SEARCH, if you have a specific product name or number - or you can use CATEGORIES right below to get an overview of all the categories in a certain product group. In the menu at the top of the site you can see all the product categories in the shop - e.g. ringssilver braceletsearrings and brooches.

When you click the button BUY, the piece of jewellery with be added to your cart in the selected size. This is illustrated with the picture of the item flying up to the cart i the right corner at the top of the online shop - and the number of items in the basket will increase. You can always click VIEW CART in the right corner on top of the shop, if you would like an overview of the products, you have added to the cart. You can also add or remove items in the cart by clicking the button UPDATE - or you can delete an item by clicking the purple button to the right. 

If you would like to learn more about the product before purchasing, you can click the INFO button below the product picture. Here you can read all the information about the product in question. You can also add the product to your list of favorites by clicking ADD TO FAVORITES, if you wish to save the piece of jewellery to your list of favourites. We would always like to know that our customers like our jewellery, so you can like one or more pieces of jewellery by clicking the purple heart. You can also share the piece of jewellery on Pinterest or Facebook.

When you have finished shopping, click the CHECKOUT button in the top of the online shop - or CHECKOUT in the cart. In order to know where we should send the jewellery, please enter your personal information. The fields with * need to be filled out. If you would like to ship the order to another adress than your personal adress, you can mark the DELIVER TO A DIFFERENT ADRESS. If you have any comments to your order, please write them in the field below. You can also subscribe to our newsletter - and you can easily unsubcribe, if you one day no longer wish to receive our newsletter. Click CONTINUE when you have given us all the necesary information. 

If you have a gift voucher, you insert the voucher code - and then press the button on the rigth to register the voucher code.

Now you have to confirm all the information, you have given us on the previous page. Then we know that we have the correct information from you. Here you also have to accept the TERMS OF CONDITIONS. Click CONTINUE, when you can accept the information given above. 

Now you are at the payment, where you can pay with credit card. Insert the card information and then click the COMPLETE PAYMENT. Now your order is completed and you willl receive an order confirmation in your mailbox immediately - and then your new jewellery will soon be shipped to you.

When you purchase your new jewellery at www.svane-luhrs.com, we register this following personal data from you: Name, address, telephone number and email in order to be able to send the jewellery to you. This information is not communicated to a third party or used in any other way than this purpose - and at any time you may have an insight in those data or ask us to delete them. 

VAT is included in all prices.
Shipping and handling fee for shipments outside Denmark is €5,-.

We can not guarantee that the site at all times is free of inaccuracies, but with reservations for misprints, obvious price errors, photo errors, products out of stock, price changes or similar, we intent to update our online shop at any time. Please also note that the colours of the jewellery in the online shop may not reflect the items' actual colour as the colours may depend on the screen viewed from. 

At our website we use cookies to improve your user experience, which you accept by using our site. A cookie is a small piece of data, which offers the posibility to store information about a users behaviour on a website and which is necessary for using many online services. If you wish to avoid cookies online, you can disable them in your browser, but please note that you will not be able to use essentiel functions on a webshop, such as logging in, saving products in the cart or to using other functions, which are prerequisite to remembering your choiches made. 


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