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We love the unique feeling of dressing up with new jewellery, so naturally we would like to offer you that same feeling.

The majority of the Svane & Lührs' jewellery is therefore presented in a wide range of colour combinations and product variants, giving you the opportunity to find the exact piece of jewellery that will complete your look. Additionally, you can easily change the expression of your jewellery as you like by replacing the charms on the bracelet, moving them to your necklace or combining multiple rings with each other. Each of our bracelets is customized, which ensures that your bracelet will fit you perfectly, so all you have to decide is how many times the bracelet should be twisted around your wrist.  

Jewellery from Svane & Lührs is always the real thing

At Svane & Lührs the jewellery box is full of real jewellery designed in wonderful quality materials, freshwater pearls and jewellery stones in all the colours of the rainbow. In our collection you will find both big and small, faceted and polished jewellery stones and together with the small, sparkling cubic zirconia your look will sparkle - and your expression will indeed make an impression. Our charms, bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces are made of sterling silver and our popular leather bracelets are made of sheep skin.  

Jewellery from Svane & Lührs always have a low price

It is important for us at Svane & Lührs that both the jewellery is made of only real materials and that the jewellery has a low price. Beside our low prices on the jewellery - e.g. we have earrings from € 17, sterling silver bracelets from € 20, charms and pendants from € 27, we do always also have a jewellery set at a campaign price, which you can see here on campaigns.

Jewellery from Svane & Lührs is made perfectly for you

We know that you want to wear jewellery, which is perfect for you - and we know that you want to choose the small details. This is why we customize and make the jewellery from Svane & Lührs especially for you - and you have a great freedom of choice in our collection, so you can create your own piece of jewellery.

E.g. you always choose the length of your leather bracelet, your sterling silver bracelet or sterling silver necklace, which we make especially for you - and how many times it should go around your wrist or perhaps your ankle. If the length or size, you are loooking for, is not listed online, please do not hesitate to contact us, as it in most cases is posible for us to tailor-make any length or size, which you would like. This does also apply, if you have a special wish for a necklace or something completely different. Always feel free to contact us and find out, if we could make you something special. In some cases the delivery time could be longer than 1-2 days.

You also choose the sterling silver magnetic lock on your leather bracelet. Should the lock be with or without sparkling cubic zirconia? And should it be rose gold plated, gold plated, oxidized or palin sterling silver? Check out all the leather bracelets with magnetic locks here, where you can sort by colour, leather and lock.

it by Svane & Lührs

"it by Svane & Lührs" is our timeless collection of hand sewn leather bracelets and charms, providing you with endless opportunities to create your own, unique piece of jewellery. The collection is full of wonderful colours and great combinations of sterling silver, leather, sparkling precious stones, pearls and cubic zirconia, so you can surely find your own personal favourites in our online shop - whether you like the romantic, colourful, cool, elegant, feminine or maybe just a natural look.

The leather bracelets are presented in more than 40 gorgeous colours and are all finished with a fine magnetic lock in sterling silver, rose gold plated, gold-plated silver or with a black surface - presented in two variants: One with and one with out small, sparkling cubic zirconia.

In the collection you will find more than 450 small charms and pendants that are all easy to mix in new ways on the bracelet or necklace. Here you can choose between our popular bead charms, which are small rings in different sizes and width, the Svane & Lührs' clip-ons that are easy to clip on and off - and our remaining pendants with our well-known vario lock.

In other words, you can create you own perfect piece of jewellery down to even the detail.

The jewellery from Svane & Lührs

In the online shop and by our many retailers in Europe you can find your new piece of Svane & Lührs jewellery in many different kinds of jewellery categories - and you have always many choices, as most of our jewellery are presented in four variants of sterling silver: Rose gold, gold, black and sterling silver.

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